Foot paths in India are high, thus making it difficult for motor bikes and other small vehicles from using them when the roads are congested. The authorities raised the height of the footpaths as they were being used by two, three and at times four wheelers.

Now no vehicles on them, that is good. But few people too as they are 12-14 inches higher than the road and quite a step to climb on to especially if your old, short or just tired. Result: have pedestrians waling on the road, so idea of safety and exclusive path defeated. Even if you do hop on a few times, constant cross roads and other breaks means you keep needing to climb up and down these high foot paths.

Proposed solution : have a small step of width 3-5 inches and height 4 inches; and the next step is beside it (not in front of it like a conventional step), thus vehecles cannot use it but people can. Below images illustrates idea.

Do you think it will work? Need sponsors & enthusiasts to make a few model ones; then push the govt to make all like this when they come up for repair or new ones built (via convention at first and later legislation).

There are no high costs just a little more labour and cement.

Demerits : is not wheel chair friendly. No work around for this as they are small vehecles and unfortunately making a path for them will be misused by other vehecles. For that we need other changes.
What can you do? Share this with a builder in your area or other company or take it up yourself : spend time to get permission and implement this in your locality in one spot on a suitable foot path.
Then write a comment here about experience.

a 3D image

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