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1) Do you fancy a walk in the park or an extra hour at the office?

A aah a walk by the lake

B Maybe a 10 minute walk downstairs

C Work pays the bills

D Walk 40 minutes and 5 minutes meditation everyday!

2) Do you smoke more than 5 cigs a day?

A about 5

B None for me

C Yes 6+

3) When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I think is

A "Urgh...another day! I can't wait till bed time."

B Awesome! Time to get ready for another beautiful day."

C It's no day in the park, but I'll make the best of the day.

4) Can you run for 2 minute and sing or talk softly at the same time

A Run?

B Can for 1 minute easily, just breathe

C Can run and sing for 2 minutes

D Can run 5 miles

5) Born on the fourth of July

A seen it

B no

C yes good

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