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Our main focus is on software development. Our projects have included solutions in Java, VB6, PHP, J2ME, XHTML and VBA.
Our Java applications have been web applications (web sites,) J2ME mobile phone applications, XHTML applications for the web and targeted to mobiles, VB6 standalone applications.


We have also done a number of macros - code in MS Office Excel, Word, Access that solves business problems via automation and code.

We also help with site maintenance, moving a website (to a better or more cost effective provider.)
We do Google android mobile applications. 

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Custom Software Solutions

Ex Timer

Vb6 utilities

MS Excel, Word and data base applications

Top Notch Software
Developers who work from home but have earlier worked with GE India, Cognizant, IBM
$12 an hour


Applications and Services
We have worked on three custom softare products and a upwards of 22 software services projects ranging from logistics, financial, medical transcription and aircraft engine - workflow and database.
$10 an hour


Database Integration to Mobile Applications


Our database gurus can make sure your legacy data is integrated into your new applications and services. We work with all major database applications and some minor ones. Security and data integrity guaranteed -- call for a quote.
$1,200 and up


for all your testing and software needs.
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Number tested: 30
Deviations : 4
Unique error codes : 23_2_disk_space, 24_4_bad_protocol, 12_1_unknown_response

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