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VBA source code from Tushar Kapila - Date Month Difference

  Column C D E F G H I J
Row   I have two dates in excel I want to display the difference in months or days or years      
1   Date 1 Date 2            
2   MM/dd/yyyy     Month Diff (result wanted)        
3   7/15/1999 9/30/2003   50        
4   10/1/2003 3/31/2004   5        
5   4/1/2004 6/30/2006   26        
6   9/1/2006 4/30/2007   7        
8         88        
Formula used in Column F is: =sel2in_cellDateDiff(C7,D7,"m")
sel2in_cellDateDiff is a custom function defined as 
Public Function sel2in_cellDateDiff(s1 As String, s2 As String, period As String) As Date
' function to get the difference of 2 dates in your excel sheet/ workbook
Dim d1 As Date, d2 As Date
d1 = DateValue(s1)
d2 = DateValue(s2)
sel2in_cellDateDiff = DateDiff(period, d1, d2)
End Function

Quick start - download the excel document or the code file mDate.bas {Need to download it, save it in a known folder say c:\mine\ then open excel
in a new workbook

press Alt-F11 to go to the macros

then choose Import and select the saved file.

as shown in this image VBA_Date_Time Help jpeg


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