This is a game in VB. Its freeware. Uses VB6 - Visual basic 6


It needs the VB runtime plus the exe in this zip. Most PCs have the VB runtime. If not you can get it from the MS site at vb run time at MS, its about 1 MB
Step 1: get this zip
Step 2: Extract it to a folder, keeping note of that folder.
Step 3: Run the exe. If runs you are good to go. Else get the runtime from vb run time at MS it has directions
Step 4: try running the game again. It should run once you have installed VB (might have to re start you system after installing it.)

To play the game:

Guess 4 numbers each digit 0...9 , non-repeating digits, can start with 0. After guessing game shows how many digits are there but not in the correct place (cows) followed by number of digits in the right place (bulls)
Illustration: if number is 0418 then some sample guesses , cows and bulls would be:
1) 3489 1 1
2) 8125 2 0
3) 8419 1 2
4) 0817 1 2
... etc...
9) 0418 0 4 (won, game over)

In the guesses display - Each line has guess id, guess, cows, bulls.

Make your guesses by putting them in the small text box on the top left, then click Go.
Rough area can be used to make deductions, based on previous guesses and the result(number of cows and bulls). Other 2 text boxes- guesses and score are read only.
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Author , Copyright 2008-2009 Tushar Kapila ©
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