Go here for VB game 1 player Cows and bulls. Below is a light game in Java. Help for this game is below it:

The object of the game is to get the numbers in sequence that is :
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
The "Go" Button turns the 4 numbers that are selected - indicated by the red square clock-wise ; Consider :
2 3 6
9 4 1
5 8 7
And assuming that the focus is on 3,6,4 and 1 then one Go will give you :
2 4 3
9 1 6
5 8 7

The "Left","Right","Up" and "Down" buttons change the focus.

Can use keyboard key ' ' {space bar} or 'k' or Enter for "Go" , 'j' for "Left",'l' for "Right",'i' for "Up" and 'm' for "Down" buttons OR the Arrow keys, ,first change the focus to the numbers part of the applet ( not the buttons part).
Also,can use keyboard key 'q 'for selecting adding 1 to game level and 'a' for minus one . 'n' starts new game with current level.
The redo and undo buttons undo actions and redo actions in same sequence :) .
The animate button animates the clock wise change some-what and loads a background image ().
Best of luck , send me a screen shot if you win, at tgkprogus@yahoo.com .
I hope you like the game . Do tell me if you found the help lacking - mail me at tgkprogus@yahoo.com .

The whole game and supporting files is in this zip and if u want without the "Show me" tutorial zip , can keep it in your computer for easy access or mail it .

Coming soon: complete 123, take screen shot and enter the yearly lottery for 2 winners!

This is a freeware. I hope you like the game . Do tell me if you found the help lacking - mail me at - , tushar.kapila@yahoo.com .
Author , Copyright 1999-2009 Tushar Kapila ©

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