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  1. Diagrams , flow chart, software arch
  2. image-j editor works great on windows, mac and linux (debian and ubuntu)
  3. Net radio A Free Internet Radio network consisting of 11 channel of Online Music classical and rock channels
  4. Plime news, intelligent talk n - +
  5. MS Train sim and related forums like TS
  6. ear plugs for swimming or noise reduction (work, sleep better)
  7. dhole's den Bandipur holiday (near Mysore, India) great place and we saw a tiger
  8. shoes charge your mobile
  9. net meter how much i net are you using hour wise/day/ week/ month/ all time
  10. video blocks subscription-based resource for downloading royalty-free stock footage motion backgrounds, production music, sound effects and more
  11. freesound org by Martin Pesek
  12. Tushar Kapila


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  1. Planning to sign up for , and All three look good
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