feg todos

1. game play, progress across restarts and reset game

2. user menu, for user menu clean and reset game is it possible to add a are you sure Yes/ no? Same for payment too.

3. ads after each section, no ads if paid. not full page ads. jsut bottom of screen along with how you did (1-3 stars). when section ends due to completion or time out -  section end screen with ads paid fn returns false

4. about page (webView http://lh9.in/feg/about/ and ads) simple native html web page view.

5. animation smoothing where needed

6. Sound : need 3 buttons a. Background, b. Sfx and C. Voice prompts, fix settings - no sounds functionality in game etc

7. also can we change the time of the warning of oncoming cars so the red arrow appears 1 second before than it does now? means i think now it appears 2 seconds before the car? make it 3. if already 3 make it 4. This looks like its done.

8. cat rescue - very difficult . area to make green - has to be more. and time to keep it green - just 5 ssecondsand should move less when its near cat so easier to position. if its near cat then jsut lock it in position after 10 seconds of user trying.

9a. Old lady and boy rescue : it goes auto after you take truck to building. should make user press 3 times up to make ladder go up, then press once to make boy go in (same up button). in between user can press down button to make ladder come down. Why - just fun with ladder.

* also the animation is weird - i did not pay attention when graphic artist and developer discussed and changed to make them apear to come out of building. 2nd last image instead of coming out of building just let them appear near fire engine, do not have to show detail of getting out of ladder basket.

9b. Ladder training

Explanation on ladder and payment UI

** Ladder training, User Form, Payment Check only, Pay form with label, small text box and two button(yes to initiate and No to go back to main menu), Payment post screen (label only failed or pass),
Can you add the ladder training after the cabin? Just naturally flow from one to the other, no sub menu?

I want a big label here where I will show a small math question like 4+ 5 and a text box. In text box dont write "Click here" in user screen also only in first as user understands after first what to do. does not simply have to delete the default text and then type own. We will upload a video on game too. and link it in the about page.

** Before the ladder training, cat, metro, dog rescue add check for payment made with below function.
So do not need to call google API, just base it on the what is saved from the USer UI screen.

So the last resuce - buildings will be enabled as soon as cabin is done.

** If not paid a simple form to start payment. then after 2 seconds the return form with success or failure - just a label with own free font.
   To decode if success or failure - use a random number and decide if success or fail. Point is just to test the UI and make sure UI will work once the google api's are in place.

boolean isPaid(){
final String u = (settings.getUserId() + "").toLowerCase()  ;

boolean googlepaydone = getGoodplaypayStatus();//u need to implemet this check and laucning the actual goiogle pay when user clicks on pay gate at level 5
return  (u.equals("danny" || u.equals("avyan5")) || googlepaydone;
//user can pay paypal or google pay. if pay pal a video will explain how to enter user id.

* need to get unique id of phone. and send that to web services back end so that same user can only register with 2-3 phones, if paypal.

* the web part of paypal - iwill do, from app just need to send user id and phone id to simple REST service i will give u details : isPaid(user-id, phone-id)

phone id for each platform specfic, u implement only for android. same for google pay - dont put google code in core only in android module.

No need to call google api. For now the success or fail - just do it randomly. means if user id is empty, then dont allow to play the paid levels. On click of pay, wait 1 second then use
int i = random.nextInt(2);
if i == 0 { userId = "danny";// dummy is paid}
Have to use random as user id would not change on click of google play, unless you show a text box there for testing and then enter "danny" to make it pay true, you can choose either way to test both flows.

Success form : Show a simple form with "Congrajulations, all levels unlocked. Thank you." Or "Payment failed. Please try again." And the Menu button to back to main menu.

Ladder Training
First player is standing a bit awawy from truck, to the right of it. Ladder-training-mode = 1
Player has to press left button to come close the truck
When near the truck,  Ladder-training-mode = 2 when position is near truck and image changes to next image :-
 Player is on lowest ladder: Train-basket-1.png

 Press up one time then Train-basket-2.png
 Press up twice to show Train-basket-3.png (as we only have few images, press twice to go to next)
 Press up twice to show Train-basket-4.png
 Play victory sound, Ladder-training-mode = 3

Then come down click down 5 times
now Ladder-training-mode =4 this level is passed (but game stays here till he presses menu button or 100 seconds up)

Its a training to show kid how ladder works. If time up 100 seconds then play level lost music and restart.
No cat or anything, that is why only need to use 1-4 images.

No other mission. Then we done with game!