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  1. Diagrams , flow chart, software arch | Basic Sample
  2. image-j editor works great on windows, mac and linux (debian and ubuntu)
  3. Net radio A Free Internet Radio network consisting of 11 channel of Online Music classical and rock channels
  4. Plime news, intelligent talk n - +
  5. MS Train sim and related forums like TS
  6. ear plugs for swimming or noise reduction (work, sleep better)
  7. dhole's den Bandipur holiday (near Mysore, India) great place and we saw a tiger
  8. shoes charge your mobile
  9. net meter how much i net are you using hour wise/day/ week/ month/ all time
  10. video blocks subscription-based resource for downloading royalty-free stock footage motion backgrounds, production music, sound effects and more
  11. freesound org by Martin Pesek
  12. Tushar Kapila
  13. organic dish washer and other sustainable products
  14. the hunger site, click and feed hungry its free 
  15. run programs during free CPU cycles that help research. Laptop and mobile












Kids Fire Fighters Training & Rescue Game

Fire kids training and rescue game on android
Fire training and rescue game from the Google play store
Click here to go to Google Play app store

Video below shows the first 2 levels. Its a simple game. For 4-12 year olds. Older kids who see it for the first time will enjoy it too, my 5 year old was the inspiration and first user. Starts on a training ground, where you learn the controls are the red buttons to move and the up arrow buttons to jump/ move the ladder.
The red button moves the person or the truck depending on the context. First 4 levels are free. To unlock the next 4 its USD $2/- one time payment.

(Link to video)




Few might like, Proverbs and Sayings. Wisdom :

Free app that has no ads on screen, ads only on about page, to make screen into a plain white light. Lite simple utility:

1. Watch a movie reflectively. Wolzs and Niemiec both suggest similar guidelines for using movies as a self-improvement tool:

First, choose a movie that emphasizes one of your character strengths. Niemiec offers suggestions here.
Next, before you start the movie, journal about the strength you’ve chosen: When have you used it recently?

Watch the movie, and be present to what is stirring inside you.

Can Movies Help You Become a Better Person?
According to psychologists, watching movies and seeing positive traits in action can help inspire us toward self-improvement.
By Caroline Benner | May 3, 2023

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When you queue up a movie at the end of the day, you may feel a twinge of guilt: You really should be reading another bedtime story to your child, or catching up on work emails. At the very least, you should be folding laundry or doing something that feels productive while you are watching.

If you feel this way, then you may be happy to know that watching a movie can actually have unexpected benefits: According to psychologists, movies may help us grow our strengths and become better people. 

Cinematherapy—or using movies as an adjunct to psychotherapy—has been around for many years. It is used as a treatment for mental health struggles, as a means of encouraging reflection or (for example) boosting empathy. If you have ever felt that sense that anything is possible after watching a movie, you know that movies can be powerful vehicles for inspiration.