Dear Traffic Police, Government and Corporate Sponsors,


A few residents and I had met a traffic officer about vehicles parking on both sides on by lanes, not stopping at pedestrian crossing etc., and he had suggested that we download the public eye app, keep clicking photos and send for remedial action.

There are some problems: We have our own work, some people even threaten us, we are not good photographers, mixed with hurry to do own work, so some of the photos are rejected after spending time uploading it etc.


The Bangalore police have been given many new big SUVs, and have old jeeps too. We should use them for a parallel purpose for better utilization. You can put a camera in a transparent hard plastic case on top, connected to a computer on the jeep to record. The cars have a driver and a partner generally, so the partner can process 99% of good images, these will be for traffic / parking violations but sometimes can give vital clues for crime too like an escaping chain snatcher or other thieves. So every 5-8 hours the jeeps can come to the Police Station / Traffic Management centre and transfer the files using 2 or 3 - 32 GB pen drives. Will need 1 or 2 more trained staff to process the videos. Does not have to be police, can be civilians who do processing and a police officer / constable does the next level of validation and sends outs fines with the help of RTOs, as is being done now with the public eye app. But I think this will lead to more data and processing, so need to plan for that.


Good part of being in a jeep is, it can be on some by lanes of Shivaji Nagar one day, like Central street, another day or after an hour can go near Russel market, Frazer town etc. This means the van can cover roads, pedestrian crossings and areas not normally covered by the 500 or so fixed cameras. On another day same jeep can go to Indira Nagar, while other jeeps go through Jayanagar / BTM, meaning a few jeeps with cameras can have big impact.


Even if we start with 5 such jeeps and review after 1-2 months, I am sure we can get a lot of data on how to best implement this.


Big offices (software, BPO, others) vehicles double park, partially park on the small footpaths. On the other hand, earlier complaints have resulted in putting barricades on part of the road. This is not required too. Yes, it helped stopping people coming to the foot path and parking, but also made the already narrow road, more narrow. Barricades on the foot path would help but not taking up the road. Please patrol our area, they are overcrowded and need some regular random inspection at least once every three days by an inspector and constables. At different times like 11 am, 5 pm, 6 pm... Thank you and hope to see you regularly


We also need more flexible parking rules. Like allow military vehicles (near their canteen) to park on Cubbon Road 1130 am to 4 pm, except 30 feet of the corners. Similarly, for taxis, they need a break in the low peak times and are far from home / ready to take on peak demand after 430 pm. Because of them we have fewer private drivers, shared cabs and slightly more experienced drivers on the road, please allow them to park on main roads where there is not much traffic. I mention Cubbon Road, but am sure there are other roads in Bangalore where similarly flexible rules can be applied according to time of day with exceptions for VIP movement. The number of vehicles is going up and we need dynamic solutions from you.



Tushar Kapila