Products: mMenu

* This app lets you browse our online menu and create orders
* Allow customers to see a copy of the menu on their mobiles without the internet (local server)
Sometimes items go out of stock and are not updated. We are new to a live data base, please bear with us
* Order total form this app is indicative of base prices before taxes and surcharges.
* Final bill will not be generated by this m-menu. But rather by the staff in the usual way.
* You can use this menu using your browser. Nothing needs to be installed.
* Use any device with a browser like Chrome or Safari or IE/Edge.

Welcome to mMenu

Join our Wifi

Wifi Name : mMenu

Password :
<blank or as provided in restaurant>
Once Successfully joined

In Your Mobile browser please to login and see menu
Menu order

Enter table number, session pin and login, as given by restaruant

Browse and Place an order using the menu

Place an order using Starters

Place an order using Starters

Place an order using Starters

Place an order using Starters

Place an order using Cart

Place an order or change order using Back option

mMenu step by step order flow animation

Restart animation
Don't share session pin with anyone besides people in your table

Prices shown here might exclude taxes and charges

Software Links: Sites where we have got great utilities from, that have helped us build our solutions

Minutes timer at bro soft, 
Minutes timer at bro soft,
 windows utils at github,  win-utils at,,  Apache web server with MySQL,  PHP and Perl.,,,,,,  google apps,  nokia mobile internet toolkit,  emulator,,,,,,  
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