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A tutorial on using the windows command prompt Java

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Java Projects:

Email course tool allows administration, sign up and processing of a web site that offers free e-courses. Users can choose one or more courses and will receive a mail every day with each courses lesson for the day. Admin can add, edit, remove HTML courses and content.


 Image XY To capture XY coordinates of images and output in a csv in a works via signed browser applet


Scrabble Rack a GUI component the rack, holding tile of letters for online scrabble game. Allows user to drag the tiles so can change order.


Information Capture GUI to capture club information and export to csv


Image Customize Add Text Prompts Administration (login id: a password: tushar1) Interface via php, image text drop shadow, outline etc via Java jar 

J2ME Secret Message Send  (need to download and run on cell phone or Nokia/ Java Mobile Emulator.) Sends SMS message view once only, cannot save or copy.


J2ME Server Sync (need to download and run on cell phone or Nokia/ Java Mobile Emulator.) Sync doctor records/ PDF/ images on mobile with server


Exercise Timer Helps keep count and time when streching and doing weigths, gyming.


PHP Projects


WML SMA1 and WML for mobile devices


Santa Letter Customize and send a letter to a child, with name, wishes, good deeds etc. Production site


Quiz with the set up via excel


Screen Scraper can harvest phone numbers, email ids and other information from web pages


POP Email To Sql Read pop email and store to database.


Wiki Link Make links to wiki with words found in any html / php page, dynamically.


Sitemaps Create and download XML sitemap of any web site usable with Google (spiders the pages via web)


Recapcha Form Form with security (is human, bottom of the form asks you to type words seen in image) check using open


Lime survey Open Source customized sign up (with my own word-image capcha)


Image Random display image thumbnails in a grid in a random order - changes every-time page is refreshed.

Special Adding Math A special addition algorithm - add a fixed 4 digit number to another 4 digit number (but ignore the carry over thus :

  + 4375

  = 3728

  repeatedly until you get the original number back - always done in 10 iterations.

URL Show  Simple URL shower - enter list in script and it displays each link in an iframe for a few seconds - an auto page slide

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 VB (applications)

VB6, VBA projects (Excel, Word, Access)

         Data cleaning and reformatting, database access, report making graphs, pivots, and more see



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