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sel2in Exercise Timer : mobile apps
Excercise Timer Free to download and use on your mobile. Plays a sound every few seconds to help with your exercises. All rights reserved. Please contact us before re-distributing this software in any form. Copyright 2006-2010 Tushar Kapila Download exercise timer direct jar or j2me descriptor no charges GPL 2.0, full version!
Exercise Timer v1.2 is a mobile phone application. It ticks every 10 seconds (can be customized) for a exercise cycle to help do your exercises and streches for the correct time and keep count. Can configure it as you required.
You can set it so it ticks every 10 seconds 30 times then every 6 seconds 12 times for different routines

Tested on Nokia series 40 and Motorola. Written in Java for Mobiles.

Also has voice that says "set 1 complete", "twenty seconds" etc to help you keep track of your routine This a software that can be run on your PC or your cell phone.

Developed by Tushar Kapila, Bangalore , India
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    $2/- or more Exercise Timer for Your Mobile: Donate for new features and if you liked using the current product.
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2024 Jun 25 22:11:27

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2010 10 39 12:01:12

Nice app! - matty from down under

2010 Dec 30 07:22:43
100% useful