Spring or Spring Boot,


JMS / AMQP broker technology such as , RabbitMQ etc.,

Streaming technology like Kafka and Avro schema and implementation experience of Event Driven Architecture for very large scaled Enterprise System.


Prayer. I love this as it does not stop me from practicing the religion i was born too. And has helped me immsenly. Saying this in the morning does not mean a perfect day, but does give me more great days and nothing occurs that I cannot overcome with a smile!

Tushar Kapila

Bellandur Soft

The goal is to enable IT Systems for ward administration/transparency


1. We need a way to capture data of current state at road level across various parameters of road,drain,street lights and footpaths.


2. WARD Engineers get incidents not just from Sahaaya but various channels. Its important to enable them to manage the on-field tracking/resolution through these issues reported from Head office, MLA office, Corporator office, Public, Complaint letters, phone etc

3. Public Dashboard on Ward cmtee meeting


politics cleaner or not

less corruption but wish less populist, want growth too
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less corruption with AAP
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not much change
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taxi mysore from Blr

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mongodb with Java (Spring) & its JavaScript client

getting started with the data base quick install, database setup, passwords and connecting from Java
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