Safer Roads Pledge

  • I will be a responsible driver, rider , pedestrian, cyclist. Responsible, Respectable and Patient Road user.
  • I will observe all the traffic rules and regulations concerning safe driving and safe use of the road.
  • I will not allow distractions like cell phone usage, talking, etc to take my focus off the road.
  • I will always be aware of my surroundings while driving / crossing roads.
  • I will not drink or take medication or drugs and drive.
  • I will stay alert at the wheel.
  • I will not overtake, overspeed, or give into road rage and rash driving.
  • I will not put others’ lives at risk, if my health is a hazard to driving.
  • I will ensure the usage of a seatbelt or helmet for all passengers.
  • I will cross only at the zebra crossing.
  • I will follow road signals and signages.
  • I will maintain a roadworthy vehicle, and ensure I use indicators, mirrors and lights appropriately at all times.
  • I will share the road with pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists and large truck/bus drivers.
  • I appreciate the value of life, and recognize the power of serving as an example of safe driving. I therefore pledge to observe road safety measures and rules every time I travel.
  • I will honk less, stop the stop line, give way to people crossing the street, and to the right of me at junctions, circles when there is no traffic light and no one watching me. My conscience will be my guide.

I hereby declare my commitment to the Road Safe India pledge as set out above, to the best of my ability and will actively strive to follow the rules and laws of the road. I also commit to sharing this message with colleagues, family members and friends – because every life matters! This is a living document. Feel free to copy it and add your own and email it back to [email protected] Thank you